Monday, August 12, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 32

This week has been SO hard. I'm trying to give my knee a rest, so I haven't run since last Saturday! Ohmygooooosh. I have been teaching quite a bit this week though, so that's awesome. :)

Sunday was a day off. I thought about going to boxing, but ultimately decided against it.

Monday I taught Hour of Power in the morning. Then took the evening off. Went a little stir crazy because I like to exercise! I've been doing my planks, but after about 2 minutes, my knee starts to get tired, so I haven't been about to go much longer than that.

Tuesday I did yoga in the park - took the above picture using the Fast Camera app my bro-in-law suggested. So far I really like it. I can't wait to try it for my yoga pose breakdowns.

Wednesday I got a last minute call to teach Power Yoga at 4pm. Did it. Loved it. Some new girls may have made a mistake telling the front desk they wanted a challenging class. Lots of people taking lots of breaks. I even stopped twice to give them a break. It was kind of a great feeling though. :)
I decided to stay and take Power Yoga at 6. I was prepared to take it super easy on my right leg. I thought I might skip one legged balance poses altogether. but when we got to them (which was surprisingly early in the class) I decided to just modify. I barely lifted my left foot off the floor in warrior III, and I held onto the wall for half moon. My teacher TOTALLY noticed since I was going full force on the left leg and barely putting any weight on the right, but she knows I know how to modify and not hurt myself, so she just came over and asked me about it and let me do my thing.

Thursday I thought about trying to get back into some cardio, but I got my knee worked on by my aunt/chiropractor and afterward, it was really tired and a little sore, so I decided to take the night off. I did teach my beginner class though. Lovely, as always. Had another student ask what other classes I teach. Oh the bitter-sweetness of it all! It breaks my heart every time I tell them only this one and mommy & baby. I wish I had another flow class I could refer them too.

Friday was my big sister's GRADUATION FROM NURSING SCHOOL! I thought I might take a yoga class while I was down in LA, but I opted to walk around 3rd street with the fam before picking the hubs up at work and heading to the airport for our weekend getaway.

Saturday, we got up earlyish and had the most giant buffet breakfast ever. We didn't feel hungry the rest of the day, but we did think it would be a good call to hit up the hotel gym after our food digested a little bit. I ran a mile, walked another mile, did a 5 minute plank, chest flies and skull crushers, and a little dancy get-your-heart-rate-going kettle bell fun times. Should have taken pictures of that.

How was your week? Get any good workouts in? Yoga?

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