Monday, August 5, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 31

Sunday I was supposed to run 10 miles according to my training program, but I was having some pain on the back of my right knee, so I decided to skip it - give my legs a rest and I could pick back up with training when they were feeling better.
Though I didn't practice yoga, I got to teach the Sunday Sunshine Flow class at the studio, which was really nice.

Monday I taught Power Yoga in the morning. I got some great feedback from one of the more experienced teachers at the studio. It was really helpful. He told me to own my music and add a couple tougher poses when I'm subbing for harder teachers. He also said how really great I did and that he was rooting for me. Yay!
That night - after picking up a cupcake for myself - I ran 7 miles, which is the furthest I've run ever. Hooray for breaking personal records. I was so happy, but I was also SO tired. It helped me to really feel like I'm on track though - like next month running this half marathon will actually be doable. So, I ate half my cupcake (since it was giant) partially in celebration of running 7 miles and partially as a belated bday gift to myself.

Tuesday, in keeping with my training, I ran 4.5 miles. That's what 4 laps around the local apartment complex comes to since it's just barely over 1 mile each lap. I'm having some trouble with my right knee. Not really pain, per say, more like discomfort. Not sure what it means or what I should do about it.

Wednesday night I taught Power Yoga and then stayed for the Candlelit class after. I listened to the constructive criticism from the other teacher on Monday. It was easy to listen to him since he is such a great teacher. I taught a harder class. I kept the volume up on the music. I felt really good about it.

Thursday night I wanted to get home earlier than the previous week - when I was out until past 9:30 running. I had 5 miles to do, so I thought I could split them up. Not ideal for training, but ideal for getting home at a reasonable time. I ran 2.8 miles before class, cleaned myself up a bit, taught my beginners, and then ran 2.4 miles after class. Not bad, eh?

Friday was a rest day, but T and I went to the gym together for a bit. I didn't do much. - some pull ups, dips, and chest press. I did about 2 minutes on the elliptical, but there was a woman getting a massage on the table nearby and she kept moaning - like mooaaaning. It was majorly distracting, so I left.

Saturday I got up earlyish 5 miles. I improved my pace like crazy, but apparently now I am injured. I don't know what happened. I may have overstretched or something post run because I was in zero pain during the run, but later that day my right knee really started to bug me. It kind of feels like I pulled something, but I can't be sure. So, I'm just taking a few days to rest it.

How was your week?

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