Sunday, September 22, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 38

Greetings from Maui! The amazing guest posts are starting tomorrow, but for now, you're stuck with my regular weekly recap.

Sunday I taught my mommy & baby class. Joyful, as usual. If you're in LA, have a baby that's not walking yet and is 6 weeks or older, then you should come to this class. It's so wonderful. I love. I actually got a little bit of a workout doing a good bit of the core exercises with the class.

Monday was a weird night. I got therapy on my right leg, which is still giving me some trouble, but is mostly healed. Straight leg stretches are hard my knee and calf. I was supposed to go home and ice, but instead I went to the gym and did the elliptical for a half hour. It put zero strain on it, so I'm fine with this decision.

Tuesday was our anniversary. We played tennis together. I had a lot of energy since it was my only exercise that day, so we had a lot of fun. Nifty stuff, yo.

Wednesday I was back on my mat for Power Yoga. I taught at 4 and then took class at 6. In between, one of the girls at the studio and I made this video to promote the studio's upcoming teacher training session. It was a great few hours, teaching, hanging out, and then practicing. I had a moment during my practice where I was worried about putting too much strain on my front/right leg in triangle pose, but I made sure to be suuuuper careful and use my strength when it was time to get out of the pose and it was OK.

Thursday night I taught my class, as usual, but this week I decided to do the whole class with them. I skipped the breathing exercises at the beginning (because that would be weird trying to breathe and simultaneously talk them through it. blah) and savasana (because I'd probably have fallen asleep), but it was great. I got a decent little workout in there. It warmed up in that little room.

Friday and Saturday were a little too hectic to workout with getting all my stuff together, going to a yoga meeting, and traveling, but I did manage to get some fun ocean swimming. So there's that. :) 

Alright y'all, that's it from me until Friday. I am so so excited for you all to meet these incredible ladies this week! I know you'll love them and everything they have to say.

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