Monday, September 30, 2013

Anniversary Getaway; Santa Barbara & Los Olivos

You may or may not have noticed, we celebrated our anniversary a little while ago. We have officially been married for two years. Since our anniversary fell on a Tuesday this year, we decided to take the weekend before to do the celebrating - and just have a nice evening together on the 17th.
Last year we got knocked out by the flu just when we were about to go on our anniversary trip, so we had to cancel. I was crushed, but this year we tried to make up for it.

We drove on up to Santa Barbara on Friday night and checked in at the Canary Hotel, the same hotel we got married in two years ago.
We took a quick trip up to the rooftop deck for sunset, so we could reenact one of our favorite wedding pictures. We couldn't get get up to the same wall because there was a private event on that side of the rooftop deck, but we made do.

For dinner, we walked over to the same restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner.
We filled up on margaritas and delicious Mexican food and then walked back to our hotel, where we popped a bottle of champagne (provided by the Canary) and shared a cupcake.

In the morning, we made a quick trip to the gym and then headed out for brunch at Jeannine's. 

Hubby decided to make a quick stop at the flower shop to get me a bouquet to rival the one he got me on our wedding day. Same florist. Same instructions. This is what I got...

They also had mums I was secretly hoping she would put in the bouquet, but no such luck.

Then off to wine tasting in Los Olivos!

First stop was Curtis Winery, where I heard they paired wine with truffles. We just did the wine tasting though. The guy who helped us with our tasting was great. His name was Pete. He was doing a thousand things and we ended up tasting 9 different wines instead of only the 6 listed.

Outside - hubby agreed to pose for a selfie with me. 

Then off to Roblar! Where we had the most incredible cabernet ever, but we opted to take home a bottle of the barbera instead... because it was waaaaaay cheaper.

We set up the fast camera app and took some fun pictures outside.

After, of course, determining if the water they served in a wine glass had a "good nose".

I had been texting my friend/cardio barre instructor, Chelsea, about possibly meeting up in Los Olivos at some point. She and her hubby were up celebrating their 1st anniversary. So, after Roblar we headed into "town", which is basically a strip of wine tasting rooms and a liquor store, to do a little exploring and see if we ran into them.

We did! And the four of us headed over to Saarloos, where Aaron (who you may recognize since he's a working actor - high five for that) had been tweeting with Keith, the owner, and totally hooked us up with a fancy private tasting. It was a great time and we ended up staying way longer than we'd planned.

I'm totally bummed out about this picture (see my closed eyes), but I'm posting it anyway because it's the only one of all of us - also, I look like a tiny person. I'm normal size, I promise. I must be surrounded by giants.

I managed to get a nice one of me and my honey.

and then we played around with the photo booth they have...

Took some other goofy pictures...

...I'm pretending to drink tea... in case you didn't pick up on that.

Keith signed a bottle for us with a fancy gold marker. 

...and we said our goodbyes and headed back down the 101 to home.

I snacked on tiny cupcakes on the road.  This one was Chocolate Blackberry Syrah flavor.

We got home late and didn't need much of anything for dinner since we'd snacked and drank so much throughout the day. Plus there was a DVR'd Alabama football game that needed watching.

Sunday we made a quick trip out for these...

to make up for not having truffles at Curtis Winery.

When Tuesday rolled around, we both had our standard work days. We came home and spent the evening together. We played tennis, cooked dinner together, and then had steak taco salad out on the patio with cava and candles. Fancy schmancy.

We had a wonderful few days to celebrate together. Happy Anniversary to us. :)

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