Sunday, September 15, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 37

Sunday...umm... I ran a half marathon. ;)

Monday I did NOTHING. Well, I did not exercise. I ate really healthy and got some therapy on my knee, which needed some lovin'. Ice packs and electric stem therapy.

Tuesday I taught a beautiful yoga class in the park. I also did the whole practice with them. While I was waiting for my students I took some pictures for an upcoming post I'm working on. It's all written, I just need the dang pictures. They look kinda cool, so I decided to share one.

Wednesday night I went back to cardio barre for the first time since my birthday, and then I taught a special class at a local juice bar. CB was tough - not so much the actual workout (which was challenging, but not brutal by any means), but figuring out what I could and couldn't do on my right leg. Calf raisers killed. Forward folds of any kind with a straight right leg. Nononono. I'm figuring it out as I go and I'm icing a ton, but let's be real; being injured sucks.

Thursday night I taught my beginner class, and then I had planned to go do some cardio, but my right leg was really bothering me, so I just went home and did some pushups - not the same, I know, but better than nothing. PLUS I had a super healthy dinner. Yay!

Friday was no workout because we were on our way up to Santa Barbara for our anniversary mini-getaway!

Saturday morning we were up a little earlier than we normally would have been to work out at the gym next to our hotel. It's a Spectrum. They have a pretty sweet deal worked out so hotel guests can use the gym for free. It was really crowded, but I managed to find a pretty snazzy elliptical machine to use for a half hour. I worked hard and then a got out a mat, did a plank, some core stability roll things, some tricep pushups, and then went to find my honey and get going so we could enjoy a marvelous brunch.

How was your week?

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