Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Photo Challenge Inspiration 4

Today we're talking about babies and arm balances... and baby arm balances (also some hip openers, because why not?)
This is also my last photo challenge inspiration post. There are so many (feels like zillions) of yoga poses that you can do. If you find yourself stumped on any prompt next month, I HIGHLY encourage you to Google.

Did I just tell you without telling you that one of my chosen photo prompts is baby? Yes I did. All of these next poses totally fall into that category.

1. Baby Crow - arm balance, forearms 
2. Happy Baby - hip stretch, restorative
3. Baby Grasshopper - arm balance, one leg
4. Happy Puppy - dog, back stretch (the pose your pup is actually doing when people say they're in down dog)
5. Child's Pose - hip stretch, restorative

Any pose holding a baby (human or otherwise). ;) For example, bridge with baby on your hips, plank pushups with baby kisses, standing goddess squat holding baby overhead, just to name a few. :)

I can't do very many arm balances, but these all fall into that category. It's up in the air whether I can do all the of the ones I somehow managed pictures in.

6. Hummingbird - one leg, twist, balance, chutarunga arms
7. Crane - balance, straight arms
8. Crow - balance, chutarunga arms
9. Eight Angle Pose - balance, hooked ankles
10. Side Crow - twist, balance, chutarunga arms, legs can be straight or bent
11. Sage I - twist, chutarunga arms, straight legs, one leg out

Not pictured
Flying Pigeon - pigeon, one leg, balance
Firefly - straight arms, balance
Peacock - straight body, balance
Sage II - balance, straight legs

Our finally category today is hip openers!

12. Pigeon - one leg, hip stretch, forward fold
13. Thread the Needle - hip stretch, restorative,
14. Double Pigeon - seated, shown with hands in namaste, can be taken into a forward fold
15. Happy Cow - seated, hip stretch, shoulder stretch, stacked knees, you can also skip the shoulder stretch and just relax your arms down at your sides
16. Happy Cow fold - seated, forward fold, hip stretch, again, you can skip the shoulder stretch and try to walk your hands forward on the ground.
17. Thread the Needle at the Wall - hip stretch, restorative, try to keep your sacrum flat on the floor.

I hope these posts have been helpful and inspirational to you! Remember, I WANT you to ask me all the question you come up with! I hope you will participate in the photo challenge next month! Follow me on Instagram for the prompt list, which I'll be posting on Saturday, tag me @calyssajean and use the hashtag #alyssagohnyoga or #agyogachallenge

I'm planning on working in a little giveaway for my photo challenge, even if I have to sponsor it myself! So stay tuned!

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