Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sweat Equity - The Last Room; Part 1

I don't know why I decided to title this post like I did. The work we've done on our home hasn't been part of any particular series on my blog, but the bedroom is going to be broken up into a couple of chunks - not sure how many yet since in order to complete the upstairs we'll need to 1) rip out and redo the master bath sink area (separate from the toilet and shower, which are done already), 2) redo the railings throughout the house, and finally 3) swap out these laminate floors for carpet. Aaaand part of my husband's plan right now for (at least) the bathroom will not involve me, so I'll just pop in to document his work.

Shall we get started then? Would you like to see what our bedroom walls looked like before?

I like this picture because you can tell the walls are two different shades of red and orange.

The other side of the room, closet and bathroom/sink hallway

Dresser and the rest of the closet. Pretty self explanatory.

Saturday we got started - moved all the furniture into the center of the room, took the TV downstairs, and covered e'raythang with plastic.

We had a small but noticeable crack and some bowing in the sheet rock under the window, so hubs was repairing that.

Then while I finishing taping and plastic-ing, my honey started with the primer. He literally touched the roller to the wall and said "aaah, it looks better already"

Full primed room

Then, when we started to lose the sun, we went downstairs to watch Bama football.

Sunday we got going with the paint. Hubs put the finishing touches and primer on the wall repair and I did most of the painting - save what I couldn't reach... because I am short.

I did get a chair to stand on and go around the whole room edging it up.

We finished, cleaned up and went back downstairs for the (yet another) football game. Niners this time.

and then we put the room back together, and I took these lovely "after pictures" bright and early on Monday morning.

Panda had been kicked out of the room all weekend. That's why she's in ALL of these pictures. Has to be where we are at all times.

The new color is called Spiced Beige, and its the same color we did in the dining room. We had a ton of leftover paint because the painters we hired (for the 20 ft ceilings) overestimated and told us to buy 7 gallons. The guy used maaaaybe 4 gallons. So instead of picking a new color, we decided to use some of the leftover paint. It worked great.

The room still needs some touch ups, but I'm not about to go around and cover all the gross red left on the baseboards until after we get the room carpeted - because they're gonna tear up our two-part base boards to get carpet down anyway.

It feels so amazing and refreshing to not be bogged down by the paint color in our bedroom anymore. It almost feels like the rest of the fixes we need to tackle in the house are negligible now.

Pretty incredible feeling.

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