Sunday, November 24, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 47

Taught mommy & baby, did a lot of abs and squats

Monday I decided to take the Body Pump class at the gym. It killed my shoulders and my glutes. The next day they were crying, but I was so happy I did it.

Tuesday I decided to start my 108 sun salutations, so I did 9 as soon as I got home from work, followed by P90X2 Plyocide. I somehow let myself forget how hard that is. Whoooooo!

Wednesday I got up and did my 9 sun salutations. That night I met my very good friends new baby and didn't have time to workout. It was totally and completely worth it.

Thursday morning 9 sun salutations were done. I can't believe how much they are helping me wake up and energize for the day. That night I did some solo practice, ended up doing a bit too much without warming up enough and tweaked my neck. Yes, you can totally do that. That night I couldn't do much by way of moving around, turning my head, getting up, etc, but I iced it and then took a hot shower, did a few minutes with the neck massager my honey got me for Christmas a couple years ago, and slept fine. When I woke up, it felt a lot better but I was still in pain.

Friday night we saw Catching Fire, which was perfect timing for me since I didn't feel like I could do much exercise with my neck the way it was. I did do my 9 sun salutations in the morning though.

Saturday we talked about exercise, but hubs was sick and I was completely unmotivated. I'm not proud. That day I did 9 sun salutations and we took Panda to the park.

How was your week?

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