Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Photo Challenge Inspiration 1

Happy Wednesday, y'all! I am so excited to get the ball rolling for this photo challenge!
I don't know if you noticed, but in the first/last post I did to announce my photo challenge, I made a lot of promises. It wasn't until after I posted it that I realized how much work I'd made for myself.

There are 31 days in December. So, now, not only do I have to prep 31 photo prompts for you, my lovely yogis, (which is actually really easy and fun) but I need to inspire you and get you into yoga poses you can do, by offering all the modifications both to make them easier AND harder.

Because sometimes I am going to tell you what pose to do and it'll be up to you to choose the variation, but other times, I am going to give you an attribute that a lot of poses have, and you can choose your favorite pose that has this attribute - like "back bend", "one leg", or "warrior"

So, for this first inspiration post, I am going to offer you a mini breakdown of all the Warriors, what they are, and some key words to help you decide if and when you want to try them out.

1. Warrior 3 - This baby is a one leg balance pose, in which your body is in a straight line from the crown of your head to your flexed foot off the floor. Arms can be out like airplane wings, up by your ears, down by your sides, or in prayer at your heart. The goal is to get the body parallel to the floor, but to modify, work at an angle, focusing first on keeping the body in a straight line, and then tilting forward to get the back foot higher off the ground.

2. Flying Warrior - Definitely more of an advanced pose. Start this one legged From side angle pose, take the bottom hand to the floor. Use your top hand to grab hold of the front big toe, straighten the front leg and left use your toe grab to lift the front foot off the floor. Then open your chest to face the side wall and smile.

3. Humble Warrior - Starting in Warrior 1, interlace your fingers at the base of your spine, stretch your arms out straight, try to press the heels of your hands together and reach your knuckles towards the ground behind you in a shoulder stretch, pull your heart forward opening up your chest and then dive forward, leading with the heart and bring both shoulders to the inside of the front knee. Relax your head and level off your hips.

4. Warrior 1 - Follow the link for help getting into the pose, which can have a slight backbend, squared hips, and a lunge.

5. Warrior 2 - From Warrior 1, open up the back foot so that its turn slightly in from parallel to the back edge of your mat, align the front heal with the back arch. Try it up against a wall, front facing the wall, to keep your knee from caving in. You can also try this pose resting the front thigh on a chair.

6. Reverse Warrior - Do you remember how to get into Reverse Warrior from our breakdown earlier this year? Remember that in this side stretch, you have a ton of options with that back arm. You can rest it on your back leg, wrap it around the back, take the arm in front of you and reach for the front of the room, even bring the thumb and index finger together in a mudra.

That's all for our first inspiration post! I hope you are leaving more inspired and less whelmed! I want to help you get into these poses as much as possible, so ask me questions!!! I'm here for you!

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