Monday, January 20, 2014

January Cure; Week 3

Another week of glorious home organizing and repair projects for you to read about! I'm really having so much fun with this. While I'm working I blast my favorite songs, have the robots clean the floors, and dance around the house.
Then that feeling of satisfaction when I cross an item off my list is so much more fulfilling.

I did some list tweaking, actually added a few things that should have been on it from the beginning, but didn't write down.

Living Room
Replace the front door knob/handle (in progress, the wood is filled, but now we need to sand and paint)
Replace the garage door knob (relies on the completion of the front door since we're just moving the knob)
Fix wobbly coffee table legs
Tile around the fireplace

Dining Room
Go through the random pile in the corner of the room (DONE! Everything that belongs in the garage has been moved to the garage)

Spare Bedroom
Sort through piles of papers (in progress)
Tackle mystery baskets (Last Sunday night I took my overstock to my grandma's birthday celebration and let them have at it. It's almost gone, but I still have a few things left)
Just generally go through the whole room. (in progress, including wiping and recycling my 2002 iMac)

Master Bedroom
Pull clothes to donate or throw out (Finished on Monday)
New bedside tables (DONE! And I love them)
Put away piles of clean clothes (Hubby was away last week, so I basically poured myself a glass of wine, locked myself in our room watching Downton Abbey/Percy Jackson/Bones and put away clothes)

Master Bathroom
Organize underneath the sinks and medicine cabinets (my side is done as of Saturday. I may leave hubs' side alone)
Mount the towel rack to the wall (also patch and paint the wall where the old towel bar was)

This week's assignments were...

Plan a Get Together - I decided not to do this - not because I don't want to have people over, but really because I just want to work at my own pace and don't want to stress out about not having all my projects done before the "deadline. Maybe I'll have people over at the end of the month, but know what? I'm not planning it now.

Create a Landing Strip - I actually have a great landing strip already. (Hooray!) We bought a cute table for the entry (with drawers for gardening sheers and doggie bags) and I have some hooks to hang keys and dog leashes. I love throwing my purse on that table when I get home from work instead of it ending up being eaten by the couch. It actually does need a little bit of reorganizing right now, but it's currently occupied by one of the other items on my list (front door handle parts and pieces everywhere while we wait to repaint the door), so this item will have to wait. Then I'll just get it all cleaned up.

Try a Media Fast - I did this.... mostly. I was a little back and forth about it when I first saw it on the calendar, but when I read the post and it suggested a media fast for the evening, I figured it would be no big deal. I'd go to yoga, shower, have dinner, watch TV, do some cleaning and go to bed. Have my phone available for anything urgent, but not pick it up unprompted. Right before I went to bed, my facebook blew up a little bit, so I briefly checked it, then powered off for the night. I'd call that mostly a success.

Work on Goal Project - I unofficially decided that my "goal project" this month is to clean out the guestroom. While I've been working on other things, obviously, this one is the biggest, most daunting, will take (as has taken) the most time. So, Thursday night I worked on the bed. Somehow it had sort of fallen off the frame and was sagging in the middle - plus it was covered in empty boxes leftover from Christmas and still had a random hodgepodge of bedding from when my inlaws dog (notorious for bladder issues) peed on it and we had to strip it and just kind of threw on what we could find. Thursday night I fixed the frame, cleared it off, put the originally (clean) sheets and blankets back on.

Flowers, Bedroom Cleaning & Wardrobe Organizing - Have I mentioned that the flowers may be my favorite part of the January Cure? I was working on the bedroom all week - organizing clothes, vacuuming, and I even ordered new nightstands that arrived on Friday! I'd still really like a new lamp for my side and some pretty decorative pillows to go with our fancy new duvet and nightstands, but they can wait. No rush there.
One of the items on my list was also to go through my drawers and closet and pull clothes to donate. That's all done now, I can happily say. It feels so good to have even just a little bit of extra room in the closet.

Jeez, these posts are getting long. Only one more to go after this. Eeeeeeeee!

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