Monday, January 27, 2014

January Cure; Week 4

January is almost over, but the cure will go on into February. As long as there are projects to do around the house, I will be "project"ing.
Here's how things are going...

Living Room
Replace the front door knob/handle (in progress, the wood is filled, but now we need to sand and paint)
Replace the garage door knob (relies on the completion of the front door since we're just moving the knob)
Fix wobbly coffee table legs
Tile around the fireplace

Dining Room
Done! Even the pile of "things to donate" got loaded up in the car and taken to Good Will. 

Spare Bedroom
Sort through piles of papers (an official project this week, see below)
Tackle mystery baskets
Just generally go through the whole room. (in progress)

Master Bedroom
DONE! Whaaaat??? I piled up a ton of shiny new throw pillows. 
On a non-list related note, I would like a new rug to tie the room and a comfy chair next to the window, but those will come later.

Master Bathroom
Mount the towel rack to the wall (also patch and paint the wall where the old towel bar was) - the wall is patched and painted as of last night. All I need to do is screw the shelf to the wall. 

And from the officially official fancy assignment list...

Get Papers & Files Organized - What's this? That item was already on my list? YEP! Whooo! I was delighted at the reminder to get back to working on this again. I already tackled all the financial docs during week 1, but there were still piles to go through.

Clear Up Cord Clutter - What a wonderful idea! I never got around to it though. Maybe this coming week.

Declutter the Bathroom - I did this last week! What whaaaat! :)

Declutter Media Collection - I haven't really been buying new media since college. My husband has a pretty vast video game collection that was in need of some decluttering. We even had a pile next to the front door for games he didn't want or play anymore.
I donated the pile of video games, but when I went to go through the books and DVDs I just couldn't find much I was ready/willing to part with. I love having access to these books/movies whenever I want. I'm not ready to part with them. I did notice that I had a bunch of books borrowed from a friend that I never even picked up, so I set those aside and will give those back to her.

Flowers & Living Room - This was kind of a let down assignment. I try to give my living room a good cleaning about once a week, so this didn't feel special - it just felt like something I do anyway. Plus my flowers from last week are still looking lovely, so I didn't need to pick up new ones.
It did remind me that I'd like to get a table lamp for the living room. It's mostly pretty well lit in there, but I think it'd be a nice tough.

This week I lost some of my motivation. Since the house is starting to look and feel really nice, I just don't have the same Oomf to power through these projects anymore. I do want to keep it up though!
Oh! and remember how earlier I said I wasn't going to plan a get together because that would stress me out... hubs decided he wants to have a superbowl party... so... there's that.

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