Friday, January 31, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 4

Week 4! I got tagged to Stop, drop and yoga this past weekend. I'm working on my handstand, yo!

Wednesday I was back at Power Yoga. I'm currently loving boxing Tuesdays followed by Power Yoga Wednesdays. The only tough part is that my shoulders are so sore and tired from boxing on Tuesdays that by the time I get to yoga, a vinyasa sounds like a terrible idea (basically a very slow tricep pushup into a backbend instead of pushing back up). I did this little insta video to show you.

Thursday night I didn't have a class to teach, so I just did a quick jog at the gym- 3 miles then some stretching, then home. It was lovely and exhausting.

Friday I woke up super early to take my car in before work. Instagraming ensued. I was wiped out, but later that night I had a good bit of energy back. Hubs convinced me to do some weight lifting with him. Shoulders mostly, which was killer. He also has a plank program he calls 7 minutes in hell... meh. It's just 4 one minute planks with one minute breaks in between. The breaks felt like cheating. It was kind of a cool wake up call for me though. It made me feel very strong.

Saturday morning I was up early again for antigravity yoga. I don't know if it actually is, but it feels harder each time. Later in the afternoon I went back to the gym with my honey. It was leg day. Have you seen all the ridiculous memes about leg day? I don't even remember what I did. Kettle bells, squats, burpees, mountain climbers... something with curls and a plyo box. Lots.

Sunday morning I went to boxing. It may be a little much for me boxing twice a week, but I only have two more weeks of it, so I'm gonna get the most out of my groupon. :) Sunday we did 15-20 minutes of ab work before we even put on our gloves. Then at the end of class, we did 5 solid minutes of lunges. The next day my glutes and IT bands were crying.

As of Monday morning, I was determined to hit the gym hard that night - after the weekend of eating I'd had - but on the drive home I decided to take the night off. I hadn't had a real rest day in a while, so hubs and I took the night off together - picked up a roasted chicken from Costco, watched our shows, did some light stretching, and went to bed early. It was needed and refreshing.

Tuesday night was more boxing. Week 3 at the FFF. It's killer, but I looooove it. This week we had a small class, so he focused on teaching us technique for the beginning part  of class. Then we got into cardio power boxing. It can be brutal, but I still love.

How was your week?

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