Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Solo Staycation

I planned it for months. As the weather warmed up through February and March, and I got out of my car every morning in Malibu, I longed for beach house lunches and late afternoons on the sand.
This was the first year in a long time that I didn't have something planned for the foreseeable future. No parent sponsored trip across the Atlantic, no long weekend in Portland with my sister, no talk of Hawaii in September. 

Tax season loomed and I struggled through the burn out of longer work days, teaching more yoga classes, fitting in my own exercise schedule, and not blowing off everyone I love. Thinking about the day to day sent me searching for my zen place - slow methodical breathing and a little mantra repetition. 

So, I planned some time off. 

A week, if you want to get all picky about it. The week after Easter... because it was the week after April 15th.
So, that's how my week started. Good Friday I took off early for a lunch date with one of my oldest and dearest friends. 

When I got home from lunch, my Stitchfix box was waiting for me! You can read about that here.

Saturday we drove down to spend Easter at my inlaws in San Diego. 

We got back midday on Sunday and were wiped out.

Monday was Panda day - the 4th anniversary of the day Panda became a part of our family.
We went on a hike with my sister and her pup to celebrate.

That afternoon I went over to my good friend's house for a yoga sesh with her and her 5 month old.

Tuesday I did almost nothing. I read a book on the couch, went grocery shopping, and then taught back to back yoga classes.

Wednesday I taught mommy & baby yoga in the morning and then had a long morning hanging out with my friend and her baby. Delicious coffee at Nordstrom ebar, wandering around and chatting. We walked around the mall until lunch, had lunch together and then I proceeded to spend a good chunk of the afternoon by the pool with a book.

Thursday was a big morning. I had an early optometrist appointment, where I learned that my eyes are not as bad as I thought they were. My glasses are two clicks too strong. Oops.

Then I treated myself to a lovely breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien -  a mushroom and goat cheese omelette and an adorable little coffee carafe. Yum!

I followed that up with a much needed pedicure.

Spring colored toesies.

And finished up the afternoon with a spa treatment for my car. Haha.

The car wash was packed. I was glad I brought my book.

Friday morning I went to antigravity yoga. I didn't take any pictures.

But later, I got to spend most of the afternoon with my momma. We had lunch and shopped a little bit. It was very relaxed.
Anthropologie was giving away free flowers for Earth Day, so we each took a flower home.

I decided the Saturday and Sunday would be part of my staycation too!

Saturday I went back for more antigravity yoga - this time with my mom and big sis, and then 3 of us had lunch together.

We took pictures this time! This pose is called Chandelier.

Hubs and I decided to make the switch to a different phone provider, so we both got snazzy new phones.
I got an iPhone 5s and he got a GS5. Both of our phones have 5's in the name.

That night my dad decided we should all go to a snazzy dinner, so he took us to one of his favorites - Upstairs 2.

What you see here are mushroom ravioli and fried pizza dough.

The desserts blew my mind.

Pear and oatmeal tart, chocolate sorbet served in a cocoa pod (love), and for good measure, I polished it all off with some hot chocolate.

All for me.

Sunday we got back into the swing of things - teaching in the morning, a relaxing afternoon on the couch. I almost crossed another item off my #2014summerfunchecklist, but I decided I would have plenty of other chances.

Then Costco, which is always a blast. Hooray for protein and dishwasher soap!
and we closed out my week off by trying the new(ish) burger spot down the street, Hook Burger. They were delicious, as you can see...
They need a better drink selection though.

So, that's it for my week. I've got a short work week coming up, so I'm not going full speed back into the work force, but 3 1/2 days is a good way to ease myself back in, I think.

Happy End of (the first) Tax Season, EVERYONE! 

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