Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Freedom From Tax Returns Fix

I'm on staycation this week. Have I mentioned that? I'm in town - living it up in luxury, spending time with people I love, doing things that make me happy... all. week. long.

I scheduled myself a Stitch Fix specifically to arrive the Monday after tax season - before I'd even planned this week. It would be my gift to myself -  a surprise box of joy to arrive on my doorstep the morning after we got back from spending Easter with my inlaws.

It actually ended up arriving on the Friday before Easter, which was lucky because I'd already checked the website and seen the written descriptions of what was coming. I was dying to see it and try it all on.

This is what I found when I opened the box:

1.  This coral button sleeveless button down. (sorry for the blurriness)


Verdict: Kept.

2. This sparkly clear and white holographic necklace.


Verdict: Kept.

3. This super soft mixed print loose fitting tank.

I loved the fabric and the style, but I worried since it was a little snug across the bust. I'm thinking I could solve this problem by wearing a different bra.

Verdict: Maybe

4. This black & white striped drawstring maxi dress.

I usually don't like drawstring maxi dresses. I feel like they sit oddly on my hips and make me look boxy, and I actually didn't love the way this looked in the mirror, but I thought in pictures in looked really good.

Verdict: Maybe

and finally, 5. This embellished blue striped maxi dress.

I was on the fence about this one right out of the box. I don't usually go for big embellishments like this dress has, and I thought all those blue stripes might be a bit much for me, but once I got it on, I actually felt pretty good in it.

Verdict: Maybe

So right now we're at two heck yes's and three maybes. I posted this instagram and some of you piped in to tell which ones you liked. You really helped seal the deal on the first dress.
So, then I was at 3 yeses and 2 maybes.
I decided on my own that the black and white top was cozy enough that I would wear it even if it was a little snug.

When it came down to the last dress, it was the 25% off that helped me decided to keep it. It was a little more expensive to keep the dress than to send it back. Last time I kept everything in the box, it was cheaper to keep everything than to return one thing. This time it was a little more, but ultimately, that dress ended up be about $10, which I call a win.

What do you think? Have you tried Stitch Fix? If you decide to, use my link, so I get credit for referring you! :P

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