Friday, April 25, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 16

This week was kinda lame. I ended with a brutal migraine on Monday and all weekend I was at my inlaws and couldn't really get away to get in a workout, but when I did workout, it was good.

Wednesday (P90X Day 35) was my rest day. I taught in the morning, did a lot of core and squats and dancing around with my ladies, and then taught again in the evening and did nothing. I didn't demo a single thing. I just walked around and told everyone what to do. Then I came home and ate all the vegetables in the house.

Thursday (P90X Day 36) kind of got away from me. I only had one student in my yoga class that afternoon, so I decided to do most of the practice right along side her. It was a really great little private session. I think we both got a pretty good workout, although I maintain it is way more challenging to talk through a yoga practice than to just do it. Ha. By the time I got Panda and headed back home, it was dinner time and hubs was already home from the gym, so I just made some spaghetti squash and called it a night. I figured even though I didn't do the P90X workout, I still worked out that day. Good enough for me.

Friday (P90X Day 37) I did plyometrics after a lovely lunch with an old friend. Since I had the afternoon off work, I got to workout whenever I felt like it and finished pretty early, which was awesome.

Saturday we drove to San Diego to visit the inlaws, and Sunday we drove back. At least I didn't totally overeat this weekend. I am giving myself so many points for not devouring all the snacks like I usually do.

Monday I went on a hike with my big sis. It was 5 miles and uphill the entire first half. There was no shade, so we were happy we wore sunscreen, but the first half of the hike was pretty brutal.
I ended up getting a migraine that night, so even though I planned on jumping back into P90X, I just was not able to work out any more that day.

and Tuesday I was still in recovery. I spent about half the day on the couch. Hooray for taking the week off work, right?

Lame week, I know. Oh well. I'll have to kick it into high gear this week. ;)

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