Friday, April 11, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 14

Wednesday (P90X Day 21) was technically a rest day and I did get to take it pretty easy. I just drove out to my friend's house after work for an hour of yoga. We did a little sampling - some core, some arms, some twists, and some deep stretching. It was perfect.

Thursday (P90X Day 22) was another early day. I opted to skip the 5am wakeup and do P90X Chest & Back after work and teaching. I did almost the entire class while teaching, so I was able to get my heart rate up a bit and get a good stretch, so when I got home, was ready to start Chest & Back, realized that I had started week 4 of P90X, which is kind of a rest week (but not really), and I was supposed to do P90X Yoga, I decided 1) I had already done yoga and 2) I had not gotten quite the workout I wanted, so 3) I would only do half of the Chest & Back routine.

Friday (P90X Day 23) morning it was surprisingly easy to get out of bed at 6am. I actually had a moment when I thought to myself "why stay in bed and workout later if I'm awake enough now?". So I went downstairs and pressed play on some P90X Core Synergistics. I was actually a little concerned when I started this workout because I knew there was one move I was the plain not going to be able to do, and then a few others I knew I would have a hard time with. Dreya rolls, were a big fat no go. I couldn't put all my weight on my lower back at any point, so rolling up and down from standing to flat on my back was just not going to fly. I also had a tough time with the transitions between superman and banana, and bow to boat. I could hold all four forms, but getting into and out of them was tough. Stupid bruised tail bone.

Saturday (P90X Day 24) I did Kenpo X in the morning before hubs and I went to the farmers market. I really noticed a big improvement in the tweakyness of my back - almost no issue and I could do jumping jacks and X jumps without any real issue. There was some minor stuff, but overall, it felt great.

Sunday (P90X Day 25) was stretch/rest day, so I taught early in the morning and did most of the class. I taught another class at noon and then we went to the park and I ran laps. It took 7 laps around that park to get in just over a mile. Needless to say, it was a mellow workout day, but since it was supposed to be a rest day, I don't feel like I should have done anything different.

Monday (P90X Day 26) I was supposed to get up early and do Core Synergistics, but I didn't sleep well the night before, so getting up early was no going to happen. I ended up practicing with the class for almost the full class at 8:15, and then later in the evening, I did the whole yoga routine with my friend, like I always do. I also made sure to work some extra core work in there since I knew it wasn't likely I would get my P90X workout in in an official capacity.

Tuesday (P90X Day 27) was scheduled to be Yoga X. I wasn't planning on doing it, but at the end of the day, it worked out in my schedule that I'd be home at a reasonable time and I thought why the heck not? I'd been doing P90X for a month and hadn't done Yoga X once. So, I did it. It was challenging for sure. I didn't remember there being so many pushups. Ha. Of course there are so many pushups. It was boring at times too. I had a couple of moments when I was ready to move on and they just stayed. Also, it is not simple and easy to get back from Warrior 2 to Warrior 1 - at least not if you're aligning your feet and hips as you go, so it's a little frustrating for me that he goes back through warrior 1 after ever little flow.

ANYWAY, that's it for this week. How was yours?

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