Friday, April 4, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 13

This week ended up being a lot of learning how to modify and compensate enough to get a complete workout with a bizarro injury. If you read on, be ready for that.

Wednesday (P90X Day 14) I almost got up and did 6am yoga on my own, but I was feeling pretty stiff - not nearly as sore as the previous few days, but not quite looking forward to moving around, so I went back to bed. I wasn't even tired. It was crazy easy for me to get back up 40 minutes later. I ended up with a half hour of free time after I finished getting ready because I'd still gotten up early. Then I did my mommy & baby class. Like always, I did most of the class - planks and bridges and boats and squats - and most of it wasn't impacted by my injury. I had a little trouble getting the right angle for boat, and anything laying down on the hard wood floor was (oddly) difficult to get into because of my bruised behind. Luckily, it was supposed to be my rest day, so I didn't feel like I was really skipping a workout.

Thursday (P90X Day 15) morning I was feeling pretty stiff still, so I decided not to start my morning off with pushups and pull ups. I had a leisurely morning and after work, I headed to my friend's house for some yoga time.  When I got home, I gave Chest & Back another shot. I got a good workout in. I had kind of a tough time adjusting to using bands - especially since I don't have anything to hook them too, so I was leveraging them off my feet. I also tried 30 lbs for lawnmowers, which was maybe a bit much. I went back down to 15 lbs for the second set. I don't have anything in between or else I would have tried 20s or 25s. I decided to skip Ab Ripper X - primarily because 90% of the workouts are on the low back and mine just wasn't up for it yet - between definitely bruising and possible tweaking. I decided to wait until my sacrum is feeling better.
Friday (P90X Day 16) morning my neck was maaaaad at me for my workout the night before. I felt fine when I was going to bed, but when I got up, I was extra stiff, so I put off my workout until after work, when I knew I'd have time to loosen and warm up. I did Plyometrics X as soon as I got home. I consciously opted for all the lower impact versions of the moves - stepping instead of jumping, keeping my knees bent, and staying on my toes as much as possible. I still managed to get a good calorie burn. I was kinda bummed with my limited mobility for jump knee tucks. The move is supposed to be done by getting your knees up to your hands, which are at your rib cage, but I barely even lifted my feet off the floor.

Saturday (P90X Day 17) my honey and I got up, dropped my car off for service and headed to the gym. A while back I got the P90X app for free on my phone, so whenever I workout with P90X, I track my reps and weights with the app. It's pretty cool. This was the first time I used it outside of the house though. I had my headphones plugged into my phone and walked around, doing my sets and then updating the app. I overdid it a little bit - not by healthy Alyssa standards, just by injured Alyssa standards - but I completed all of Shoulders & Arms. I tried to do Ab Ripper, but my neck and low back just weren't ready for it yet. Getting into a sit up position still put too much strain on my neck, and though my low back was almost back to normal, I couldn't get my weight distribution right to take the strain out of my neck.

Sunday (P90X Day 18) Yoga! All the live long day. I taught in the early morning, and then we took a family trip to the park. Hubs brought all his home workout stuff for leg day outdoors and I set up my mat and did a short yoga flow. I haven't actually done P90X yoga at all, but I figure as long as I'm doing yoga, I'm good. It just gets boring, so I spice it up with my own practice.

Monday (P90X Day 19) my neck was still crazy sore in the morning, so no AM workout. Throughout the day, I felt better and better. After work I went to Antigravity yoga. I took the level 2 class and told the instructor about my fall. She was very attentive - making sure everything was on for my neck and my low back. I was mostly good. I hadn't taken it in a while, so I felt pretty awkward most of the time, but I got the hang of it by the end.
When I got home, I did P90X legs & back because I'm still doing that. ;) It's week 3, yo! I was a little paranoid the whole time that something terrible was going to happen (week 1: earthquake, week 2: fall), so I was incredibly relieved when I got through the whole workout without anything happening. My back was a little tweaky, so I didn't go very low in most of the squats. Lunges felt nice though.

Tuesday (P90X Day 20) I did finally manage to get up early and do Kenpo X before heading in to work. My brand new class started this day, so I had to get up extra extra early since I'd be leaving work early to teach in the afternoon. My low back was a little tweaky. It was weird to acknowledge it as being tweaky and not just bruised, since I'm pretty sure the bruising is mostly healed by now.
I taught my first Tuesday afternoon class at 4:30, and then I stayed and took the 6pm Power Yoga class. I took it super easy - skipping vinyasas and just going straight to down dog, not going into any of the super deep twists.
I'm pretty sure falling asleep in savasana was a result of waking up at 5 that morning - it probly didn't hurt that I used a bolster and blanket to make myself all kinds of comfy.

Sorry for the crazy long yoga recap posts lately. They're only gonna keep happening. :)

How was you week?

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