Monday, April 7, 2014

Yoga & Fitness Favorites

1. Zella Streamline Live-In Capri Leggings - They call these leggings "live in" and aptly so. I could actually live in them. I would wear them all the time. They have just the perfect amount of compression. They're so so flattering and soooooo comfortable. I have them in a million colors and lengths, and they go on sale all the time, so I am always stalking the Nordstrom website for when they do.

2. Nike Pro Racerback Compression Bra - I found this bra at Nordstrom rack in teal with grey polka dots, wore it once, and then went back to find it in more colors. Once my previous go-to sports bras (C9 from Target) started letting me down - so to speak - I needed a more supportive option. These bras stepped up to the plate, offering support without cutting into my back and sides making those ick rolls nobody likes.

3. Lululemon Run Times Tank - This was the top lululemon traded me to teach there a few weeks back. I love it oh-so-much, I am thinking about going and getting one in black too. As is the way with lulu, it's a little on the pricier side, but it's a really great top. It's simultaneously breathable and supportive - one of the few workout tops I don't need to wear a bra with. It's flattering and doesn't show when I'm sopping with sweat.

4. Yogitoes Yoga Towel - Yoga towels are amazing if you like taking classes that really heat up and you end up dripping sweat all over your mat. Yogitoes grip to your mat, so the towel's not sliding around all over the place. I only put out towels once I've worked up a sweat. I've found that if my hands and feet are dry, I will slip more with the towel than without.

5. Manduka Black Mat Pro - My hubby got me this mat for Christmas the year before last. Not to go all cliche on you, but it's completely changed my practice. This mat is glorious. It's got give, but it's not squishy. It's got nonslip texture, but it doesn't hurt my hands. I also got the extra long one, so I never have to worry about my face or my feet going off the mat if I move around a lot, which happens pretty frequently.

6. Yoga Block - Even bendy people use blocks. Sometimes your hand just doesn't want to reach the floor. We have to get people out of the mindset that using a block is a crutch. It's absolutely not. Maybe you're not flexible enough to get your hand on the floor, or maybe you are - either way, the most important thing is to not compromise your form and alignment. Blocks are so helpful with that. I try to take a block out to the floor with me whenever I remember. I don't always use it, but you don't really know how warm you are and what your form is going to be like that day until you get there and you do it.
They come in all sizes and densities. They even make blocks out of wood, which I am not a huge fan of. the cork ones are nice, but really dense. I prefer I medium to high density foam block - firm enough that it won't wobble and soft enough that it won't dig in if you're using it for any kind of back support.

7. Asics Gel Horizon Running Shoes - I bought these shoes for myself when I was training for my half marathon last summer. I've owned a lot of shoes, but these are my "for running only" shoes. I don't wear them for any other kind of exercise - just running - mostly because I found that they aren't awesome for lateral movement, but they are fantastic for forward movement.

8. Yoga Strap - The same thing goes the strap as for the block. It's always good to grab one. Maybe you won't need it, but there's a good chance - especially if you're new to yoga - that you will. It really helps keep you on track with form and alignment, and is therefor, magical.

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