Monday, April 14, 2014

Kitchen Adventures; Italian Cream Soda

Tomorrow is the big day. I got a sub for my class so I can stay at work as long as I need to efiling tax returns.
Due to the swampy nature of my schedule right now, today I didn't make you something shiny and new (to me). I made you one of my all time favorite warm weather refreshers.

This is not a "new recipe". This is just the first time I used a measuring spoon so I could tell other folks how they could do it too.

I also added mint. Totally amazing.

Italian cream soda may very well be my absolute favorite summer drink. I got hooked on them in college. They sold them at the basement cafe in the Gorgas Library at Bama.

Some friends introduced me to them one afternoon after drawing class, and it was all downhill for me from there. Class was over and I had some money on my student card? Cream soda, here I come!

Italian Cream Soda
Serves 1, Recipe adapted from my life

8 oz club soda
2 tbsp your favorite flavored syrup (I used Strawberry)
2 tbsp half & half
approx 6 mint leaves

Muddle some mint into the bottom of your glass. You don't need to break it up into tiny piece, just work it enough to release some of the oils.
Pour one tablespoon of syrup into the bottom of your glass, top with ice, and then add the other tablespoon of syrup.
Add your club soda (8 oz is not an exact measurement. It may be closer to 10 depending on the size of your glass). Top with your half & half. Stir gently, making sure all the syrup and half & half mingle, and top with a sprig of mint.

Refreshing and delicious. Perfect for these exquisite spring days.

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