Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 28

Wednesday night I ended up back on the treadmill. I'm longing for the days when I would run 5 miles without even batting an eye. I walked for the most part. I ran a mile, then took a short break, planning to do that same thing I'd done the day before and knock out another mile, but shortly after starting my second mile, my body just said "no". I wasn't tired or out of breath. It just didn't feel right. Kind of a bummer, but it is what it is, right?

Thursday I taught Vinyasa Flow and then I took Power Yoga. I felt really good about class. I only skipped one vinyasa. I did draw a little attention to myself when everyone else was doing twisting chair and I just plain skipped the twist. Plus I don't lay on my stomach for bow and locust. I FINALLY officially told

Friday night unforeseen circumstances (a car getting towed from our parking lot and subsequently blocking all of us in) made me miss spin. I was sad. I didn't get back to the Valley until 15 minutes after class started. I took an hour to get my crankypants off and then decided to give Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six Pack a shot. I was a little disappointed when each workout was only a half hour and (duh) mostly abs. I can still totally do crunches, I just feel pretty silly doing them, so I got really into the cardio and general core strengthening stuff. I ended up doing one and a half of the workouts. About 50 minutes in, I decided I was done.

Saturday I tried some treadmill jogging again. I made it two miles - just like last week, with a quarter mile break in between. I felt good and almost decided to try another mile, but I took the safe option. I didn't want to wear myself out. Another day.

Sunday morning I took boxing. I had to finagle a spot under the AC this time. Last time I just ended up there, but this time I asked the woman sharing a bag with me if we could switch sides and she said no. I didn't want to pull the pregnant lady card, so I just asked someone else. This guy was RIGHT under the vent and willing to swap with me, so I ended up in a prime spot.
But you guys, I love boxing. I love it so much. Baby does too, by the way. They were showing off their skills at our ultrasound on Monday.

Monday night I did yoga with my friend. I love our Monday yoga dates.

Tuesday night I wasn't feeling up to the total fit body class I've been taking. Too much spine compressing step moves for this already compressed spine, so I opted for the Tuesday night Power Yoga class. I figure I'll spice it up with something different on Thursday. The teacher kept coming over and having me widen my stance to make room for the baby. It was odd, but nice that he cared.

How was your week?

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