Friday, July 18, 2014

Yoga Baby; Week 20

You'd probably see more of a difference between weeks 19 and 20 if I were in my standard Friday foldover skirt outfit, but I'm teaching this morning, and changing seemed like a pain. 

Week 20

This here is madness. How are we already at the halfway point???????

Here's what's happening with me and the tiny one...

Cravings: I really wanted strawberries with whipped cream 4th of July weekend. Someone posted a picture of berries with cream and that was the end of that. I also kind of got annoyed with someone over the weekend talking about cravings. They were just saying things like "its what the baby wants" and "baby's in control"... and I was thinking to myself, "Me control. No baby control. Me." When I say things like that I am definitely joking around, so I got annoyed. Like I said two weeks ago, my cravings aren't desperate. I just decide something sounds really good, and usually, because I'm pregnant, I use that as an excuse to get it. Sorry for being mini ranty.

Aversions: I really did not want brussel sprouts last week. but I'd hardly call it an aversion. I am still trying to like salmon. It just... its so... bleh. I can stomach it. I'll eat it because it's good for *us, but I still don't like it.

Energy:  Great some days, barely there others. I would say I'm about 70/30 good days to bad days.

Missing: I told hubby I wanted a coffee cocktail served with a raw egg and unpasteurized milk last weekend. We all laughed. In all seriousness though, I could totally go for some tuna sashimi.

Feeling: Still getting headaches. I am taking magnesium every day now though. Still waiting for that to kick in. I think it's helping. Someone recommended I try adding a B supplement too, so help me hold on to less tension  and have more energy or something?  Which would in turn make my head hurt less? I'm not sure. I'm all for trying things though, since I can't take *most medicine. The midwife (as well as a friend of mine) told me that a little caffeine won't hurt. So I've been having some ice tea or iced coffee in the afternoons when I feel them coming on. So far so good.
I was having super fun sharp cramping pains the last week or so, which I've since learned is round ligament pain. I was a little worried for a minute there, but since it's totes norms. I have peace of mind.

Wearing: Maxi dresses and *gasp*... my first pair of maternity jeans. My mom and I went shopping and she treated me to a really nice pair of jeans that I should be able to wear for the duration - provided my butt and thighs stay roughly the same size. Plus, I figure, it's summer - how often am I really gonna want to wear jeans? I ended up with two pair of sexy stretchy topped shorts too. ;)
I am having SUCH hard time finding tops I like to go with them though. I don't like clingy - especially not when its 90 degrees and sticky outside - but add to that the furnace that is my belly and I really really don't like clingy. So, my shirts need to be flowy and relatively long. I got a Stitchfix this week, and I even adjusted my sizes in my profile to accommodate the whole giant front of my torso, and I told them I wanted long and flowy... and it was still a fail. I sent everything back except the necklace they sent, which I wasn't even that crazy about, but I didn't want to have wasted my styling fee.

Other: My belly button is a little stretched out. It looks a kinda weird - not abnormal or anything - just round, which its never been before. It used to be long and skinny, so now it's just a little stretched out. It's the most noticeable where my belly button piercing used to be.

Gender: They's a HE! We're having a baby boy!

You may have already seen on facebook or instagram. Were you right?

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