Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 30

Wednesday night was another no workout night. I taught in the morning (mommy & baby) and I did do a lot with the class. Then in the evening I taught again, Yoga 1/2 this time. I walked around a lot throughout the day, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a workout.

Thursday I needed some power yoga. My hips/legs were driving me crazy from the moment I woke up through the rest of the day. It felt fantastic to get on my mat and just stretch and flow for an hour and a half.

Friday I didn't have a chance to workout. It was spa day with my grandma and travel to San Francisco day! Luckily our flight was delayed because traffic was turrible.

Saturday we did a ton of walking - almost 17 miles over the course of the day. No further exercise was needed. My feet were killing me.

Sunday (my birthday) I managed to do a little - much needed - yoga in the morning. My feet and ankles needed the most stretching. Then we got back up and walked another 10 miles that day.

Monday was another travel day. We got home early enough that I could get out to my friend's house for our weekly yoga session. My legs needed it sooooo bad.

Tuesday night I was going to try to make it to spin, but I decided to opt out of rushing around and I ended up at a late yoga class at my studio. It was a good workout. The class was called Flight School, so we did a lot of inversions and arm balances. The arm balance section was a little frustrating for me because I couldn't do most of them. They were arm balances that required major belly squishing and my belly just don't squish. I still had fun though, and Thor had a little party in savasana... kind of like he's having right now, actually.

How was your week?

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