Friday, July 4, 2014

Yoga Baby; 18 Weeks

Week 18

Happy 4th of July! Growing up 4th of July was always my favorite holiday because a) fireworks are awesome, and b) I loved having a holiday in my birth month. It meant my birthday was right around the corner.
Today I am 18 weeks pregnant, and...

Here's what's happening with me and the tiny one...

Cravings: Just the boring impulse kind. Still loving me some lemonade. I sorta craved ravioli last week - baby hadn't had it yet, but now they have and we've met our ravioli quota. I also wouldn't really call my "cravings" much more than being mildly in the mood for something.

Aversions: So far so good.

Energy: Getting better, but I'm really into mid-afternoon naps and going to bed early. My workouts are lame. I met a fellow pregnant lady last week after yoga and we were lamenting our dwindling workout regimes. We both used to workout for an hour PLUS every day and now we consider ourselves lucky if we manage to make it to yoga.

Missing: Did I tell you I ordered a flank steak at a Mexican restaurant well done? Well, I did. It was the worst. Never again, I tell you. Never again.

Feeling: Still getting headaches. I am taking magnesium every day now though. Still waiting for that to kick in. I think it's helping. Someone recommended I try adding a B supplement too, so help me hold on to less tension  and have more energy or something?  Which would in turn make my head hurt less? I'm not sure. I'm all for trying things though, since I can't take medicine.

Other: On Monday I wore a belly band for the first time. I am not a fan. I felt like I kept having to pull my pants up. I'm still wearing it because it's been cloudy in the 'Bu and I'm a lover of jeans, but I am gonna have to figure something else out soonsies. While technically my pants are being held up, I can totally see where my pants aren't closed through the stretchy material, AND I feel like you can see the band itself through my tshirt. Not exactly incognito.

Gender: Today is my last bump update before we find out if the babe is a boy or a girl. We're going to have the fetal anatomy ultrasound next week, and - if all goes according to plan - I'll be using gendered pronouns on my way home that afternoon. Damn gendered English language! (That's the only reason I want to find out. Is that terrible?)

SO! I thought I'd use this opportunity to go over some of those crazy wives tales and maybe ask you if you think there is a little boy or a little girl growing in my belly. I just went through and picked the ones I thought sounded the least ridiculous. (even though they're all pretty silly)

Carrying high or low? High means girl, low means boy. Suuuuuuuper low. So low I can still hide my bump pretty well. Boy

Mayan Numbers - The Mayan tale adds the mothers age at conception and the year of conception.  If the result is a even number then baby is a girl, if its odd, you're having a boy. 29 + 2014 = 2033 = Boy

Acne - If you have pregnancy acne, it means its a girl. I've always had a little bit of acne. It's never been very bad, and I wouldn't say its necessarily gotten worse, so I don't know what to say for this one. No? If so, Boy 

Cravings - Salty cravings means boy, sweet means girl. I have always had a sweet tooth, but I've been craving more "healthy sweets" like fruit and juice. Lemonade has been my ultimate pregnancy craving. I could have lemonade every day. Girl

History of Parents Kids -  This one makes me laugh. It basically predicts there is no way we're having a boy. Haha. If you're the first child, you'll have the same sex babies that your mother had, starting with the second child. If you're the second child, you'll have the same sex babies your mother had, starting with the third child, and if you're a third child, you'll have the same sex babies in the same order. SO, my mom had three girls. Girl. Girl. Girl.

Cold Feet - If your feet are cold, you're having a boy. If not, girl. I don't know if it's because it's summer and we're in Southern California, but my feet are never cold. Girl

So, we've got a healthy mix happening. My sisters and my husband think we're having a girl. I kind of do too. Some of my really good friends, and some family members think boy.

What do you think? Boy or girl?

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