Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 31

Wednesday I tried my hand.. or feet, rather... at spinning again. It was a good class. I got a little snappy with the guy next to me before class started. I feel sorta bad about that. I don't have spin shoes so I needed stirrups for my feet. He graciously volunteered to help me put them on... or rather, do it for me. Error #1 dude, this chick likes to do sh*t for herself. I'd never put stirrups on a spin bike before so I accepted and didn't say anything, but then he proceeds to talk over me to the instructor, like he's gonna help me adjust my bike, and I say "it's ok. I think I know how to do it" and he IGNORES ME and says it over my head to the instructor again and, so I say, "I've got it. I've taken class here before." There was a little bite in my voice. I didn't mean for there to be, but dude was ignoring me. Anyway, I set my bike and class was fine - challenging and all that. I think I do need to play around with the settings a bit for next time so my thighs don't hit my belly quite so much.

Thursday night I had great experience in power yoga. The class itself was pretty much the same as always, but I felt really strong and able to listen to my body. I did get tired, but I took the breaks I needed when I needed them. I was able to do some flying. I felt so good afterward.

Friday I was really tired all day, but I had plans to take spin again, this time with my friend. I liked this class a little bit better - maybe because it didn't have the weird vibe from the guy who tried to set my bike. Also maybe because I had my buddy there to chat with.

Saturday we slept in and it was glorious! Then I went to vinyasa flow at noon, which was a little tougher than I expected it to me. Not sure why, exactly - something about the flow itself and how it all fit together. Plus it was noon and freaking hot outside.

Sunday morning I managed to get up in time for boxing. I've even gotten a hanging bag near the A/C vent the last few times I've gone. After that I taught at 1130 about a half hour away. I barely had time to go home and change into unsweatied clothes. Teaching was good. Almost a Fail though, since no one told me on Sundays it was in a different room and I was sitting in the small room thinking I had one student, while there were 20 in the big room. Luckily someone came and found us.

Monday night I did yoga with my friend. We moved into her house from the garage a month or so ago when it started to get really hot out. Yoga with the a/c is much nicer than yoga in 90-100 degree heat.

Tuesday was my hubby's birthday, and I had a checkup in the morning, so I ended up taking a rest day. I made us brownies and we sat around on our butts. I feel good about it.

How was your week?

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