Friday, August 1, 2014

Yoga Baby; Week 22

Week 22

One of my other pregnant friends said this best. The days are long but the weeks are fast. It rings so true.

Here's what's happening with me and the tiny one...

Cravings: Meh, I was telling my girlfriend last week that my cravings are less cravings and more a complete lack of self control. Do not take me to the grocery store hungry. Bad things will happen.
Also, if there are french fries and lemonade around, I could pretty much have that 24/7. No craving necessary.

Aversions: Still not really having them. I started eating more veggies lately. Hooray me!

Energy:  Same. 70/30 good days to bad days.

Missing: Wine. I'm planning a redo of my 30th birthday for January or February in which much wine will be consumed by yours truly. Complications may ensue because of breastfeeding, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
Also, Tracy (Shutterbean) talked about eggs over-easy in one of the last JTB podcasts and I maaaaay have gotten a little misty.

Feeling: Iced tea is my besty. For reals. I feel a headache looming. I drink some iced tea. I feel better. Best ever.
Still having the occasional round ligament pain. I'm so glad I know what that is now.

Movement: Thor (that's what we're calling him until we reveal his name) does barrel rolls, especially when I lay flat on my back - occasionally when I bend forward. The feeling makes me think of a large fish in a small tank swimming in circles and hitting the sides.
I also felt the first real kick a little over a week ago. I was stressing about the stone fruit recall (after having eaten an entire Costco pack of pluots by my lonesome), so I was looking to him for reassurance - just something to tell me he was OK and we didn't get Listeria, and he just kicked me right in the center of my palm - snare drum style. I said thank you and we went to sleep.
Since then he's been partying up a storm. I feel him for kick and punch and roll for a minute or so a few times a day.

Wearing: I got two more foldover skirts from Target. I heart them so much. I wear them every Friday in my weekly pictures (except week 20, sorry about that).
I used my birthday discount at Anthropologie to buy myself a really cute mid-length dress with a lot of room for my tummy. It's hi-low, which makes me a little nervous, but its long enough in the front that it won't be a problem.
I have had some success in the shirt department. I found a couple at Target and my mom realized she had a shirt she never wore in her closet that I would like, so I have a decent collection of long comfy shirts that cover (and will continue to cover) the stretchy tops of my fancy maternity pants.

Yoga: I am the queen of modifications. Wide stance forward folds. Make room for the belly. I'm still twisting and it totally works as long as I plan ahead and have my legs out of the way. Twisting chair looks ridiculous when I do it because my feet are so far apart. Not glamorous.

Gender: Pretty sure there's still a little dude in there. My mom was so funny when we told her he was a boy. She hasn't spent much time around little boys since her brothers (so, we're talking 50 years), so she was saying she has no idea what to do with boys. Silly momma.
I'll drop this category for my next update. We all know he's male.

18 weeks to go, y'all. This business is flying by!

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