Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Mark Party & Pottery Boutique

Hey guys, my mom makes beautiful pottery. She's so talented. Seriously.

I'm a mark rep, which is awesome too. :)

Tuesday night we had a holiday boutique. She got out all of her amazing pottery, I brought out my mark. demos , and we had people over for shopping and snacks.

I had a big table set up in the living room.

The bath & body line is my favorite, especially the Jasmin.
They all smell so darn good.

 The fragrances, the fragrances!

I also love love love these eyeshadow palettes. You should have heard me Tuesday night. Every time someone picked something up, I told them I loved it. I felt like a broken record, but I wasn't lying. I LOVED EVERYTHING.

I even had a little clearance table set up for all of the discontinued products or things I had duplicates of.

My mom had an even bigger table set up in the dining room for all of her ceramics. How gorgeous is this stuff?

 Want. Everything.

Thinking about buying this one as a gift.

She sold all of her garlic containers. They are so stunning. She made one for me as a gift a while back. I have it out on my kitchen counter. Maybe you have seen it in one of my cake pictures?

It was such a successful night. I am so glad we did it!

All of the mark products above can be ordered online through my eboutique. If you love what you see of the pottery, contact me and I can put you in touch with the artist, herself, who does not have an etsy shop yet, but it's in the works! :)

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