Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Posing On Tuesday; Revolved Triangle

I wasn't at home this weekend. I told you that already. I ran off on a weekend getaway with my honey. When we got home on Sunday afternoon, we were both exhausted - and feeling less than awesome because of all the really terrible food we ate all weekend. We totally had nachos and beer for brunch on Saturday, just to give you an idea.

I've been planning this sequence for a little while. Triangle into forehead to knee into revolved triangle. Revolved triangle is not as easy pose to get into the first time...or the second or third time. It's another one of those poses, but its easier if you have a feel for regular triangle and forehead to knee pose.

Let's get to it, shall we?

Parivritta Trikonasana

When we were in triangle, our stance was pretty wide. You're gonna want to narrow your stance for this baby. Trust me.
So, we start facing the front of our mats. Feet are medium distance apart. Front foot pointing towards the front of the mat, back foot angled in about 45 degrees - just like last week.

Keeping both legs straight and the hips square to the front of your mat, fold out over your front leg.

Take the hand on whichever side matches your back leg and place it on the floor or a block, inside or outside the front foot, or on your shin. Balance your hips and elongate through your spine so the crown of your head reaches for the front of your mat.

Reach the other arm (same side as your front leg) up towards the sky and open your chest towards the front leg and side of the room. If its OK on your neck and your balance permits, look up.

Just like last week, you really want to keep your hips even and facing the front of your mat. So, pull your back hip forward and your front hip back.
The whole time keeping your spine long and straight.

Yes, I'm totally sun-burnt. Ouch.

OK, SO, like parivritta ardha chandrasana, the goal is to elongate the spine and twist. Try not to let your chest collapse down toward your leg, and always be reaching your arms long and straight away from each other.

What do you think? Want to try?

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