Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Letters

Dear #behappylinkup friends, I feel so strange that I missed the linkup yesterday, but I promise I'll be back next week.
Dear upcoming vacation, I am so excited to finally have a weekend away. I know you won't disappoint.
Dear instagram, Thank you for giving me approval in the form of "likes" when I post pictures of myself making silly faces.
Dear curling iron, How did I never think to use you before this week? Especially in dry weather, you are my curling savior.
Dear blueberry plant, How long does it take for berries to turn blue?  Seriously, y'all have been green for months (I think)!
Dear car, I bought you some cool bling on amazon this week. You're going to look like "my car" soon enough. Sorry it took so long.
Dear law office across the hall, Sometimes I am so appreciative of the chocolate you keep stashed at the front desk, but most days I am frustrated that there is so much chocolate in such close proximity and I have to practice self control.
Dear wine fridge, I thought maybe I needed to replace you with a bigger one, but then I realized I just need to drink more wine. 
Dear yoga studio, Thank you for finally giving me my certificate. 
Dear Roomba, Thank you...just, Thank you. 

This week I am joining the Little Letters Linkup with Freckled Fox.

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