Saturday, April 20, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 16

I was making funny faces and flexing this afternoon. What?
You guys! This is a long one. I apologize in advance. I hope you will read it anyway. I learned a ton and was challenged a lot this week.

Now that I'm not in teacher training, I'm doing far less yoga each week. I'm still practicing 2 or 3 days a week, usually, but its strange because I thought I would be doing more.

Sunday I got up and went to boxing all by my lonesome. It was tough, as usual, but I totally got a second wind after class and pounded out a mile on the treadmill. The bummer was when - of all the free treadmills  around - the man smelling like stale cigarette smoke got on the open treadmill next to me exactly one quarter of the way into my run. The rest of the time I was just thinking, "only 3 laps to go... only 2 laps to go...only one lap to go..." Boo on that guy. Wish he'd just gotten on a different machine.

Monday I tried something new. Have you ever heard of Pure Barre? Apparently they have them everywhere. They just opened one up near me and my sister and I decided to try it out and bought the livingsocial deal. Monday night - after I paused to breathe because the tax extensions had been mailed - I decided to try it out. It was... fine? Not really my thing. Itty bitty squats paired with itty bitty pelvic tilts and never being sure that I was doing it right made me not love this class. I'm going to try again (up to four times because I bought a deal for 5 classes), but I tend to prefer workouts where I am working up a sweat - and this was not that.

TUESDAY I TRIED CROSSFIT FOR THE FIRST TIME! Ok, I'n not sure that really merited all caps, but it's something I was initially totally against. So the fact that I went and tried it is a big step. It's the type of workout/group that talks a lot about proper form, but you don't really see much of that in practice. That's how people end up getting hurt. It's hard to make sure you have your knees lined up perfectly when you're thinking about how deep your squat is, whether you can throw the ball up higher than the mark, and whether or not this rep is gonna count because, wait, did I catch the ball on the way down or was I still standing? I did like it though. I'm going to go back. My deal (yep, one of those here too) is for 15 sessions, so I'm gonna get the most out of it. There is a really great team vibe and excellent morale. Everyone is rooting for one another, which is not something I've encountered in many - if any - other workout classes.

Wednesday I got up early and commenced Round 3, Phase 1, Day 1 of P90X. The first dvd is Chest & Back, and Ab Ripper. Have I told you I love P90X? I always feel so silly when I say it, but I really love me some P90X. You probably know this because I used to post, tweet, and pretty much talk about it all the time. So much that Beachbody actually reached out to me and asked me to write a post about their new programs (which I haven't tried and therefore will not be posting about). Anyway, what an amazing way to start the day! And then, since T's got me all excited for two-a-days, I went back to pure barre that night. Totally different kind of workout. Still don't love it, but whatevsies.

Thursday I was judging at the national speech tournament most of the day. I finished around 430 and was able to do Plyometrics at home before showering and going to teach my class. Just like the old days, plyo killed me, but it wasn't quite as bad as I remember - thats all in how hard you push yourself though, and I was only pushing medium hard.

Friday was a little frustrating because I had to keep checking back every hour and a half to make sure I didn't have a round to judge. Not normally a problem. I was able to run some loads of laundry and make a drop off at GoodWill, but an hour and a half is not enough time to workout AND shower AND get myself all pretty again to go back to the tournament. When the last round of the day rolled around, it was 715 and I didn't have a ballot, I was able to manage about a half hour of P90X Shoulders & Arms before T and I went out to a nice dinner together.

Saturday morning I got up early and was set to go to CrossFit again, but I noticed I had a little discomfort in my right shoulder and I didn't want to risk pushing myself too hard in CrossFit and hurting myself or not being able to fully get into the workout because of my shoulder, so I decided to go to Cardio Barre. I was going to go to beginner at 830, but T said I was strong enough to go straight back to advanced at 930, so I decided to give it a shot. I DID IT! I didn't even hate myself after. It felt great and I'm so happy I went to advanced instead of beginner.

My week was definitely a good mix of different types of exercise - intense at times too, for sure.
Hooooow was your week?

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