Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Posing on Tuesday; Revolved Half Moon

This is not the easiest post on the planet - not by a long shot. It's a lot like last week's pose...except more difficult, and  - literally - with a twist. 

Revolved Half Moon
(Parivritta Ardha Chandrasana)

I like this pose because it is a challenge every single time. There is always something to think about and focus on - is my back leg straight, foot flexed? can I turn my head and look up to the sky this time? A thousand questions, a thousand details, a thousand things to not forget about. 

Like we did with Warrior 3, for this pose, we'll start in Crescent and tilt forward to transfer our weight into the front leg. 

Keep your back straight and your hips square are you come into Warrior 3.

Take your arms out like wings.

Then slowly and with care, twist, and open your chest and arms in the direction of your standing leg. 

Fingers or hand can be on the floor or a block. Just like with half moon, you want your body to be parallel to the floor, so if you need a block to get yourself parallel, I suggest you grab one.

Just like in half moon, reach your fingers as far away from each other as you can.

Keep your hips square to the floor and flex the heck out of your back foot as if you are pressing it into a wall.

Tips and tricks for revolved half moon?

Definitely use a block when you're first trying to figure out what feels right for your body - and then you may even want to keep using the block for a while, or forever. :)

It may help you balance to micro-bend your standing leg. Then you can work on straightening it over time as your balance improves.

You will definitely want to warm up before you jump right into this pose. That first twist of the day should probably not be while you're standing on one leg.
Warm up with some sun salutations and warriors and easy twists before propelling yourself up into this bad boy.

Remember that with all twists it's important to keep your spine long and extend through the top of your head.

What do you think? Want to try it?

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