Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Day; 108 Sun Salutations

I know it wasn't THAT long ago, but I feel I need to ask; remember how in November we did 108 sun salutations over 12 days?... and how when I posted about it, I mentioned I might maybe get up and do 108 all in a row on January 1st, 2014?


I did that. 

Kind of.
Against all odds, I somehow managed to wake up around 8:30am on New Year's Day. Everyone else was still asleep, so I changed, brushed my teeth, unrolled my mat and set up shop on the deck in the backyard.

Panda kept me company. I didn't think jumping straight into 108 Sun A's would be the smartest for me, so I warmed up with 20 half suns. For reference, here is a video I made last month. Half suns are the first variation and the second and third options are both variations on Sun A. I did a lot of hybriding, stepping sometimes, jumping sometimes, cobra sometimes, updog sometimes. ;)

I wasn't able to do them all in a row - mostly because of Miss Panda Bear (first she almost threw up on my mat and then she decided she needed to scare the neighbors) - and I don't know for a fact that I actually did 108. I lost count here and there, but any time I wasn't sure, I did an extra. So, I may very well have done more like 115 Sun Salutations. It's ok though. More for me. :)

As I completed the last 3 or 4 I was overcome by a sense of accomplishment. I had actually done it. I got my butt up on the first day of 2014 and I did 108 sun salutations.

It was peaceful and beautiful, and even though I was a little tired by the end, I felt pretty amazing - energized and ready to tackle 2014.

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