Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Big Sunday; A Wedding and Yoga Milestone

When I was 20, I joined the speech and debate team at my community college. You can laugh at the nerdiness. I'm cool with it. You'll see why as you read on.

During my second semester, an older girl who had done speech a few years earlier, rejoined the team to participate in some of the oral interp (acting) events. Her name was Jenny, and together with another girl, we were part of our teams Interpreters' Theatre, which meant we spent a lot of time together. I kind of latched onto her like a big sister. She was funny and we'd sing together and goof off in hotel rooms on tournament weekends.

It's been almost eight years since we met, and she's remained one of the few people from that team I've stayed in touch with. We had our communication droughts, but in the last two years we've been able to catch up and in some ways, its like having my speech big sister back.

Last Sunday, the time changed and my friend married the man of her dreams. I only met him for the first time that day, but I truly believe that. They are perfect together.

I felt so blessed to be able to be there and share that time with them. I might have gotten a little misty-eyed when she walked down the isle.

We hold hands at every wedding we go to together. Without fail. 

First reason why I'm cool being a former speech nerd:
friends you want to keep

* * * * *
I was so sad I had to leave the wedding early, but I had already missed most of the day's yoga teacher training, so I sucked it up and headed towards home and then yoga for the last two hours of the day's lesson.

When I got there they were teaching each other. Each of my classmates had been assigned a vague series of poses (ie, get the class into a standing twist, take them through a few restorative poses) and together we combined to make one complete class.

When I learned that was what they were doing I kind of started to panic. I felt so unprepared. I hadn't been reviewing enough. I wasn't ready to teach poses. I would forget to tell them when to breathe and where to put their hands and their hips and their feet, and there was so much to focus on. I was overwhelmed.

I tried not to think about what I would have to do and focus on being a student while I could. We were instructed to follow our peers instructions to the T so that they would see what they needed to correct. So I had that time do distract me from impending doom.

In child's pose, our teacher touched my hand and whispered that I was next and to take the class into some restorative poses - a forward bend and a twist, and maybe a backbend if we were good on time.

I did my best. I felt so scattered. Internal monologue went like this, "Ok, so seated forward bend. Take a couple of comfortable deep breaths from the floor, extend legs straight out...umm...reach top of head toward the sky...lift arms straight...keep spine flat and lean forward, breathe, collapse... and breathe, crap, should I have them do pigeon? Do I know how to teach pigeon? Too risky. Something easier..."
I was fidgety. I didn't know if I should be walking around, so I ended up just walking back and forth in the front of the room a few times.
I took them into a relaxed spinal twist, and then two bridge poses before my turn was up. I thought I did okay, but I felt like I got off easy. I didn't have to teach hard poses. The girl before me had taught revolved half moon.

We gathered in our smaller room after finishing class and went around in order critiquing ourselves and each other. I missed a little less than half the class, so I didn't contribute for a while... I actually didn't contribute until I was asked to. Oops. I didn't know what to say. I thought they all did a great job, and I wasn't the expert. Who was I to tell them how they did when I'd gotten off so easy?

When it was time to critique myself, I was told I needed to say something positive first. I said I tried and sometimes succeeded in telling everyone when to inhale and exhale and how they should be aligned, but that I felt scattered and didn't know if I was leaving them in the poses long enough or if I had left them for too long.

The first person to contribute to my critique said, "I forgot that you were a student teacher"

SHUT UP! I was shocked and flattered and couldn't believe I'd pulled that off. My reviews weren't perfect. I did get some legit critiques, but the first one (and those chiming in to agree with her) set the tone. Now I just have to make sure I keep it up.

Second reason why I'm cool being a former speech nerd:
you didn't realize I was freaking the F out. 

To sum up, it was a wonderful weekend - aside from almost passing out from the bleach fumes while cleaning the bathroom, but that's a post for another day.

I am so excited for my friend, and there is a real chance that I will be a halfway decent yoga teacher someday.

I hope you can come take my classes. :)

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