Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.

I am not a political ranter, and I am not about to become one.

Today is a day of mixed thoughts and emotions for me.

I love being an American. We are so lucky to be able to live in a country and a time that affords us the right to contribute to how our country is run.

I am also heartbroken by the amount of hate the election season inevitably brings to the surface.

That is why I keep my political opinions to myself. Everyday I am surrounded by people I love who disagree. I am not willing to sacrifice the relationships in my life so that I can win a heated argument about whether or not abortion should or should not be legal and in what circumstances.

I respect your opinions and I hope that you have taken the time to educate yourself before coming to a conclusion on any issue. I hope that you will respect mine as well and trust that I have done my best to make informed decisions.

My thinking is this - these people and these propositions did not come out of nowhere. There are reasons upon reasons that individuals have been elected and nominated and propositions have been written, revised and discussed. We are all trying to make America better. A Vote for Romney or Obama - or whomever you disagree with - will, in all likelihood, not ruin this wonderful country. We're just trying to determine who and how we, as a country, can help make America the best.

Do what you gotta do, but make sure you vote.

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