Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012: Prep

We're kind of hosting Thanksgiving this year. It's like a mini Thanksgiving.

Thursday we'll be going to my parents' house. I'm bringing risotto (maybe pumpkin this time) and bundt cake. Easy peasy. I'm pumped.

But FRIDAY, Friday has been dubbed "Thanksgiving-er" or Thanksgiving Strikes Back. Long story short, Tim's parents didn't want to drive up early, so they're coming up on Friday morning and we're having a smaller separate Thanksgiving with them. My parents may come too. I promised my mom we would not force her to eat a lot.

But even though it's small, we still have to get our house ready for guests. We haven't had anyone stay in our guestroom since June, and then Tim worked from home most of the summer, which turned my sewing/computer room into his office, and all of my stuff got piled up on the bed. Sorry potential guests.

I am by no means a domestic goddess. It is a challenge for me to clean the kitchen every day, but I do it because I love to see my kitchen sparkle - we worked hard enough on it.
Our house is always a mess. I shudder to think what it will turn into if we have kids.

But it's been especially messy lately for a couple of reasons. Hubs has been absolutely SWAMPED at work. He ends up bringing work home with him and the rest of his time is spent doing things that take his mind off work - unfortunately, that doesn't including cleaning.
And on top of that, I am in yoga teacher training right now. I'm actually only in class 9 hours a week, but top that with all the studying I have, plus hours of taking yoga class, observing, and assisting, and my schedule is jam packed.
It's also really important to us that we don't use our free time being couch potatoes, so we make sure to get some kind of workout every day. Staying healthy also keeps our house from being clean.

But enough with the excuses. Things are the way they are, and this weekend I am cleaning like a mad woman.

...and taking yoga and going out for brunch with my hubby. ;)

Thursday night I started to tackle the guestroom. I cleaned up most of the junk that had collected on the floor, put all our suitcases away in the closet, packed up my art supplies. I meant to bring a stack of old financials to work with me on Friday to shred, but I spaced, so I'll have to do that this week.

Friday night was more cleaning. Because I went to yoga in the morning, I had the whole evening to GSD (get sh*t done). Two loads of laundry, folded and put away. More guest room mess tackling - mostly getting crap off the bed because it really should not have been there anyway - that place is for Panda naps. ;) I also managed to sweep up the clumps of dog hair off the stairs.

Today I am hoping to finish everything else. Change all the sheets on both beds, vacuum (luckily, the robot can take care of the living room), dust, put away random clothing items (shoes and socks that get taken off and left wherever), put the upstairs bathroom back together, put fresh towels in the guest bath, organize the workout equipment, clean the wood floors, maybe even go over all the stainless steal with some fancy stainless steal cleaner.

The biggest hurdle is what to do with all the junk that doesn't necessarily have a place. I'm going to try and throw as much of it out as possible, but I already know most of it won't be tossable.

Once I'm done cleaning, maybe I can attempt to make our place look a little festive. Who knows!?

Do you have family staying with you for Thanksgiving? Do you have to do as much cleaning as I do?

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