Monday, December 2, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 48

Thanksgiving week! How was your Thanksgiving? I taught all the classes in the universe this week while battling a cold. It was crazy week.

Sunday I did my 9 sun salutations, but I didn't have any mommies and babies to teach, so I took Cardio Barre. We had a sub, but it was still packed, which was nice and also a pain - just because 3 people to a bar stinks.

Monday I felt great when I did my 9 sun salutations. Then I did a "juice cleanse". I put it in quotes because by 3 sips into my 4th juice, I was ready to throw them all out. I was heavy and tired and had a headache looming I knew would only get worse... and it did. By 7pm, I was laying on the living room floor, having had only 2 more sips of juice since I'd left work at 445, and everything hurt - my brain, my bones, my muscles and tendons. I ate half a wrap I had leftover from Sunday and spent the rest of the evening trying and trying not to throw it up. No workout happened.

Tuesday I put my 9 sun salutations off until the evening. In fact, I was in my pajamas when that happened, but I did manage to get myself into the studio and onto the mat for Power Yoga. It was a really hard class - probably harder still because I was battling a cold. She had us do a ton of core work.

Wednesday was kinda cray. I worked a full day and taught 2 classes. My honey and I went out for Chinese that night. First night of Hanukkah and all, it felt appropriate. I don't feel bad about it at all.

Thanksgiving Thursday I taught bright and early and then took yoga class a few minutes away because I still have a Groupon I need to use! I actually did a lot of the class with them in the morning. I just didn't really hold things. I opted to walk around and check form, which was spot on for the most part. I was impressed.

Friday I got up and felt like crap. I didn't even eat that badly on Thursday. I had one plate, one cookie, and one piece of pie. No snacking! I did have a couple glasses of champagne though. :P I brushed my teeth (which helped a ton) and then opted to drive instead of bike to Cardio barre because it was threatening to rain. I was/am still getting over a bit of a cold, so every stretch in the beginning of class felt amazing and terrible. There was no getting around it though.

Saturday I got up earlyish and took power yoga! It was a challenge. I was achey and a little stuffy, so I held back appropriately when I needed to.

I'm hoping to get back to working my butt off in the gym this coming week.

How was yours?

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