Sunday, December 15, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 50

We're seriously counting down to the end of the year. Eeeeeeee!

Sunday I ate cookies and pizza and cleaned my house... again. Things blow up when home repairs take over your life. That's just how it is.

Monday I decided to run back into the Valley and get to the advanced cardio barre. I ate a lot of cookies at work that day, so about halfway through class I decided I needed to stay for a second class after. The second class was a lot harder this time than the first time I did two in a row, but I'm glad I did it. Needed to burn off the cookies.

Tuesday I made it out to the gym for total fit body. It was a good class - she's always great, but my mind was somewhere else, so I don't know how hard I worked. Definitely got a decent workout, but I wish I'd done more, ya know?

Wednesday I was very wishy washy about what I wanted to do for a workout. Yoga or jogging or P90X or Cardio Barre or other yoga studio or yoga at home or 10 minute trainer on XBox Fitness. Up until I pulled into our driveway, I wasn't even sure where I would workout. Then as I realized I would have to go through a whole rigmarole to get my car into the garage, it was either stay and workout at home or change quickly and get out. I decided to stay in and do Tracey Mallet's F.I.T.. It was so hard, but it was exactly what I needed.

Thursday was teaching. I had a decent size class and I had originally wanted to go running after class, but it was late and I had errands I wanted to run, so I went to pick up some stocking stuffers instead. I also started #12daysoffitness cumulative circuit. It's kinda fun so far. Day 1 was only a plank.

Friday night I went to Ashtanga Yoga for the second time ever. I really like most of it, but some of the poses are just not cool with me. For example, my arms don't fit in the spaces between my legs when in full lotus. No way. AND there's another pose that I just am not meant to do... it's called urdhva padmasana. Friday night it F-d up my neck. We're not friends.

Saturday afternoon hubs and I went to the gym. I was a little worried about my neck and didn't really want to do anything, but once we got there and I got on the treadmill, I was feeling better and I just decided to go for it. I ran 3 miles and danced my heart out as I ran. I ended up having a lot of fun. Didn't hurt my neck at all. Yay!

How was your week? How are your workouts fitting in with holiday madness?

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