Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yoga Photo Challenge; Week 4 Recap!

As we neared the end of the photo challenge, we lost a couple of people. Don't worry though, I still love you dearly. ;)
I had some fun this week. I even posted a video for my hip opener on instagram.

I was able to take one of my pictures at the beach and get some family involved over Christmas.

I put up a (kinda) fun album on facebook of me TRYING to hold a handstand. Ha.
This week  (and 3 extra days) we covered 22. plank, 23. baby, 24. eagle, 25. heart open, 26. seated, 27. restorative, 28. hip opener, 29. lotus, 30. inversion, and 31. namaste.

and just because I posted it on facebook and really liked it after I read it aloud...
We recognize the light and beauty of 2013 as we move forward into a new year, continuing to grow and change, love and be loved in 2014. 
Happy New Year, my beautiful & inspiring friends!


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